Rescue Me!

I watched as two Chilean miners were rescued this evening.  It was amazing to see; however, I started thinking about other risky occupations which doesn’t get much credit either.

Here is a list I created of obvious dangerous occupations:

  1. Taxi drivers
  2. Firefighters
  3. Police officers
  4. Commercial fishermen
  5. Miners
  6. Bodyguards
  7. Metal fabricators/ Welders
  8. Electricians
  9. Bomb “squaders”
  10. Search & Rescue teams

And here is a list of dangerous occupations we rarely think about:

  1. Hookers
  2. Drug dealers/traffickers
  3. Anyone operating a vehicle (including pizza drivers)
  4. Bank tellers
  5. Instant popcorn factory workers
  6. Celebs
  7. Athletes (not to be confused with celebs)
  8. Dumpster divers
  9. Window washers
  10. Health inspectors

So before we praise miners for risking their life everyday to provide us with precious metals, lets take a moment to think of the other occupations that make our global society grow.  Bare in mind, what a pizza driver makes in 1hr is equivalent to what a miner makes in 40 seconds.

Best wishes to all,


4 thoughts on “Rescue Me!

  1. Believe it or not, gas station attendant used to be in the top 5 most dangerous Canadian jobs.

    While assistant manager of a station I had 3 armed robberies. In the 8 years I was with the station, there were about 15 more on other employees. Of course there were the infamous gas & dashes which usually are safe until the attendant decides to go running after the guys and get hit or worse.

    I had gas poured onto me by a guy with a lit cigarette because I told him he would have to put it out. The third day on the job at another station, I had a car drive into the front of the building.

    While on the phone with an asst. manager of another station one night, she got robbed. Though it wasn’t life threatening, her throat was slit. She ended up in the psych ward.

    By the way, this all happened in the huge, dangerous city of Langley.

    1. Thanks for your input Sean. I forgot how dangerous this job was.
      There have been a couple of times I see people do the pump n go as a customer, I can just imagine the incidences with gas attendants.

      Does this mean that there aren’t any compensation benefits for these jobs? When you had the gas poured on you, what on earth did management do?

      1. Actually, make that 4 armed robberies for me.

        Compensation? The only benefit there is, is being able to go home early and maybe the next day off.

        Gas poured on me. Since I was the only employee and the closest thing to management on site, I locked the station while I hosed myself off in the car wash. Called the cops. Then I re-opened and filed a report for the lost product. When my boss came in, he was pretty good about it. He was concerned that I might have got some in my eyes and proceeded to tell me how much it hurts.

      2. KUDOS to you!
        I wouldn’t have gone back to work if my life was threatened at all. I would have only returned back to work to get some lottery tickets.

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