Celebrating 32 years of Independence

As you may know, I have some roots in Dominica.  I lived there for a few years and had the privilege to experience beauty at its best!

I haven’t been back in years, but here are a few items about this Isle of Beauty, I remember like yesterday:

  • Sunshine and warm weathers
  • Going to Mero, Castaways, Coconut, Purple Turtle beaches on the weekends or Christmas day
  • Travel to the boiling lake to attempt to hard boil an egg

    The Boiling Lake
  • Drinking water from the sulfur springs and being told it is the cure of all illnesses
  • Sliding around the rocks in the Emerald Pool and trying to avoid the prickly stuff

    The Emeral Pool
  • Running off a jetty and jumping into crystal clear waters
  • Mastering the pronunciation of  “Waitukubuli”
  • Wearing uniforms to school that included ribbons in hair, knee high socks and a cute tie.

    The Uniform, with a little swag
  • Eating mystery meat that was considered a delicacy then, and endangered today
  • Remembering the one traffic light on a bridge and getting excited when it changed colors
  • Going through years of hurricanes and not having to worry about losing a wig  (I was too young then)
  • Trying to count the 365 rivers
  • Eating pizza at the ONE place that you could find it
  • Watch my parents drive a left hand drive vehicle on the left hand side of the road
  • Confused as to why a pickup truck is called a van, and a van is called a mini bus  (see this oldie)
  • Watching every possible TV station in the world (What happened to Cinnimax?)
  • Being referred to <insert dad’s nickname here> daughter everywhere I go
  • Jumping up behind a band with colorful clothes and beads in my hair
  • Eating tamarind balls, corn curls, peppermint, ice pops, and chicken bones (not what you think)
  • Watching crabs come out of their burrowed holes when it rained
  • Feeding our pet roster, Jigga Boots (he was such a chicken)
  • Waiting for the mosquitoes, bats or fireflies to come out at night
  • Watching the sun rise over the mountains and set over the Caribbean sea
  • Riding in the back of a pickup (van)
  • Going to Scott’s Head and being mesmerize by the ranging unique line separating the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea  (my favorite memory)
Scotts Head - See the division between the Atlantic and Caribbean

There are lots more to add, but one needs to go see for themselves what she has to offer.  If you are a deep sea diver, hiker or adventurist, you would really enjoy Dominica.  If you are looking for longevity, you need to check it out.  If you are looking for a good party, November 3rd or Carnival days (Mas Dominik) are the best time to go.  If you don’t like to fly tiny planes, suck it up – its worth it!

Check out the Nature Island of the Caribbean 

“Sweet Dominica, the land of beauty
The land of cocoa, grapefruit and orange
The land of rivers and glorious sunshine
We say, Oh yes, sure, that’s a happy land…

So bring your parents, your sons and daughters
To a vacation in Dominica
We can assure you, when you return home
You will say O yes sir, that’s a happy land…”

Happy Independence Day!

Dominik Dva

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