A Curvy Girl Goes to Curves

Just the other day, I was surfing one of those coupon sites.  I came across a 1-week free gym membership to Curves.  I signed up and got a call immediately to set up an ‘evaluation’.

First of all, I have never been a fan of these germ factories.  I couldn’t justify paying money to be in a stifling room with epic BOAT.  On the other hand, those that know me well know I take close to 4 showers a day, and coincidentally, hot water is included in membership! Secondly, I like to coordinate what I wear; so before I head out to the gym I have look hawt, which means it will take me longer to get ready than to actually workout.  I blame it on those damn mirrors in the gym; more so, I don’t want others staring at my knicker lines whilst I’m stairmastering.  Thirdly, yes you guess it, Hair (that’s on my head you pervs).  I can’t wear a wig for the obvious reasons (sweat,get caught in the weights, used as a fan, etc).  So going to the gym means going natural.  Don’t get me wrong, I love da kink in my hair.  It’s just that sometimes I don’t feel like rockin’ the Jill Scott look.

On Thursday, I headed out with my yoga outfit for curvy girls,  Evian water, and an open mind.  I met with the manager, and right away I explained my financial situation.  She was great, didn’t even tell me about the membership fees, she just wanted to know more about me, and what made me decide to check out the gym.  “Well, it’s free, close to home, girly, great reviews, oh – and did I mention it’s free?”

She showed me around, and explained the program.  The environment was very positive, there were no BOAT odours, no steroid induced people, and the stairmaster was actually against the wall!  More importantly, the place was spotless.  I asked to see their cleaning and sanitation procedures.  Yeah, the EHO in me came out.  But instead of Public Health Protection I was confirming Eva Health Protection.  Unfortunately, I left my QUAT strips at home and was unable to test their concentrations. I did my workout and stretches and felt energized.  Ready to really start my day.  Six hours later I was passed out head first on the dinning table. Apparently I was taking a 2hr nap on salt and pepper.

Day two came along, and I was so excited to head back.  I woke out of bed and realized that my body didn’t move as freely as before.  It was one of those mornings that I wouldn’t be ashamed if I had a walker.  I did my 30 minute workout and stretches and felt great.  Driving home with the wind in my hair (windows down), and the music cranked.  It was a happy Friday morning.  Eight hours later I was once again out.  This time burning up in front the fireplace with face in the carpet.  Apparently, I was taking a power nap with an orchestra coming out of my mouth.

I am really looking forward to day three.  I presume ten hours after; I’ll be passed out in the shower (yes, I can sleep standing up). Regardless, it will be a good day.

In the last few weeks I have been moving towards taking care of myself, that is Mind, Body and Spirit.  Mind and spirit are definitely easier to work on because I am literally getting my arse kicked!

Keep er fit,

Curvy Diva

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