Orbital Growth

Some clueless people have told me that I need to lower my standards to obtain my goals.  When in fact, I need to change the way I think about how I set my goals.  Actually, it’s like trying to jump over a hurdle wearing a pencil skirt.  I  hike up the skirt and attempt a Javier Sanabria, to unfortunately bail in the grass. “My pencil skirt and stilettos seemed like a good idea at the time.  But not even the largest slit or the tallest heels can get me over that pole.  Not to mention putting my arse out there on the line.” Yet, I see everyone effortlessly ‘matrixing’ that same jump.  What gives?

I had to realize that not EVERYONE is getting over this pole.  Mr. Sanabria probably could, but that is what he excels at.   I’m not him and should not want to be like him because we have different goals.

She's got the idea


I learned today that growth is not linear.  Growth is a set of inner rings (like orbits) that surrounds one’s self.  I’m going to label this as Orbital Growth.

Each orbit is a step closer to greatness; therefore, constant movement around the orbits and entering new orbits are achievements.  What does that mean for me? I need to stop trying to high jump and take up the hula hoop because it is more attainable and realistic for me.

As the year comes to a close, it is the perfect time to start setting my goals properly.  No need to wait till January 1st for ‘today is the first day of the rest of my life’ and I’m going to make it count!

Stay tuned, Orbital Growth Planning in progress.

~Hula Diva

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