Here’s to Team Eva

So 2010 is coming to an end eh? Thank freaking goodness!

Excuse my language, but 2010 was a bitch!  It challenged me in ways that I never knew, and slapped me in the face a few too many times.  And just when I thought the fight was over, GSP knocked me out in the 5th round.

Thankfully, on the other hand, I met some awesome peeps this year and established great friendships.  Some common examples are:

  • one friend took time off work to drive me 15hrs home
  • one friend gave me a computer as my old one was comatose
  • one friend pimped out my career and is helping me set a foundation
  • one friend called me long distance to comfort me at my time of need
  • a couple friends helped me move on such short notice
  • a group of friends made my summer memorable and.
  • one special friend made me year!

Everyone needs good friends, and that is why I am grateful to have ‘Team Eva’.  They are my fans, my supporters, my love ones who make a difference in my life for the best and I love them dearly.

I encourage you to establish your team for the new year, I guarantee they will help you make 2011 your bitch!

Happy New Year Everyone!

Eva, Team Eva Head Chair

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