Honor Roll Diva in the School of Life

I think it is time for a report card on my progress in life.

Coping Skills 101:  B+

I have been doing quite well, thanks to Team Eva & my Special Executive member.  Considering my employment status at the moment, I think some people would have caved, shut down or hold up traffic by pretending to jump off a bridge for 5 hours.  I am proud of myself as I have manged to get through despair, wipe my tears and cleaned up my lactose free spilled milk.  I am currently not where I want to be in my life, but really, who is?  I am however, bless to see the world, breathe its air, hear its sounds, and feel its presence.  Life is truly amazing!

Realism & Identification Principles 210:  A+

I met up with a Team Eva member the other day,who is the same age as me.  She was glowing, she looked different, and I couldn’t figure out what it was about her.  After talking, I found out she has moved away from her career of 20 years and ventured into something completely different.  I think I had a eureka moment!  So what if I am 30 something, it’s not too late to change my mind about my career.  “I been there, done that, and bought a t-shirt”.  Perhaps it’s time to fold that shirt, box it up, and put it in my trunk for now.  I may try it on now and again, but it is no longer my favorite shirt.  This new shirt is going to be some serious Swag!  Ohh, I can’t wait “to hop out of bed and put my swag on and take a look in the mirror and say ‘Wzup! Yeah, [I’m happy] ohhh!” (Soulja Boy, 2009).

Advanced Mind, Body and Spirit Awareness 350:  A-

I am currently going through some interesting yet, stressful times in my life.  There is lots happening, and many cobble avenues I can take.  So instead of looking at everything at once, I am chipping away and working towards the core.  This is the only way I can maintain sanity.  I have been quite stressed out to a point where I have been ill for days on end.  Stress sits in my stomach and acts like an ulcer -eating away at my beautiful insides.  So what I would like you to know is that no matter what you are going through, you need to look after your health first.  Mom tells me this every day (and we all know mama knows best).  If my body is not working, how do I expect my brain to function clearly?  Time to practice what I preach – Take care of your body so your body can take care of you!  I am not a fan of medications and magic  potions because I strongly believe a relaxed mind is a window to our inner selves.  Therefore, meditating, exercising, or listening to music is at the top of my task list.  Our minds are so damn powerful, can you imagine what our inner selves are like?  Geez, gives me goosebumps.  I digress, so in the next coming weeks you should see some changes in me, as I am committed to getting healthy, feeling great, finding strength to conquer my issues, and make sound decisions.

Overall, I have been rockin’ the Honor Roll in the School of Life!  I am now working towards making the Dean’s List.  EXCITING TIMES!  I hope to see your name competing with me.  🙂

Honor Roll Diva

Other Comments:  ~Have a well deserved spring break!!!

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