It Happened One Morning…

He surprised her!

He booked a 17 hour flight to visit her for 5 days.  Their time together was so precious, so they stayed at a unique hotel in the downtown core while he was visiting. It was the tallest hotel in the city with 42 floors.  Unfortunately, when they got checked in, they got a room on the 15th floor.  It wasn’t so bad, they had a gorgeous view of the air conditioning unit of the adjacent building.  Even so, there was hot water, electricity, and a bed-like apparatus.  Perhaps the hotel encourages couples to sleep closer together and that’s why their bed was banana shaped, but for someone traveling 17hrs, he really need something comfortable to sleep in.

They asked the front desk if they could get a different room with a proper bed.  And that is exactly what they got – upgraded to a suite on the 36th floor with a million dollar view.  It was like the Wolf pack on ‘The Hangover’ when they entered that amazing room in Caesar’s Palace with the Rihanna song playing in the background.  They had definitely moved up to the ‘good’ side and was going to have a piece of pie!

After a long day of visiting family and friends, they stumbled back to their “Good Times” suite to rest their heads on their 300 thread count pillow cases.  Around 5am, they both got up to admire the view from their hotel suite.  It was STUNNING!  It was a clear, quiet, Monday morning.  At that moment, Monday was not all that bad.

He put his arms around her as they both stared out the sliding door.  She shook her head at the gorgeous view and said, “This is Beautiful!”.  He replied, “I know, and the view is not bad either”.

He turned her around, stared into her big brown eyes

and said, “I love you, marry me, make me the happiest guy on earth.” She was speechless, and dug her head in his shoulder in content.  He didn’t feel that was an answer, so he asked “Is that a yes!?”. Of course it is a YES!  She knew she was going to marry this guy since last year.  She just didn’t know that he was going to ask on his short visit to her land.

Proposal View

And just like that, the continental-challenged couple were engaged.

They waited as the sun rose, and the city lights went off and enjoyed the most romantic moment of their lives.  Disgusted yet?  But wait, there’s more…

He asked her what her favorite jewelery store was as he wanted to make it official and ‘put a ring on it’.  After getting dressed up, having a quick breakfast, they walked to the downtown Tiffany’s store (just as it was opening).  He told her to pick her ring.  It was like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman (minus the whole prostitute premise).  She felt like she had just dropped into a magical world where she could only dream of.

Ms. Tiffany

After lunch with one of her friends (and planning an emergency engagement party) it was time to meet the folks to break the surprising news.  Her parents are old skool, so he was very respectful, and asked for their blessing.  Her father and mother both gave their blessings to the newly engaged couple.  They were happy because they know how happy their daughter has been since she has met her beau.  They trust her to make her own decisions, besides that is how good parents raise their kids.

Now they were happily engaged, he was accepted, she was accepted, and life was just getting better by the minute.

At their short notice engagement party, they were just glowing.  Her expensive lip gloss ended up on his lips all night (so much for color-stay).  They were making out like their plane was going down, damn, get a room!

Yeah, the happy couple was on Cloud 9 (literally, as that was the restaurant they went to their engagement evening).

I think the best part of the story is that I am that girl and he is my man.  It happened one morning, Love came true!

Cloud 9 Diva

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