Happily Eva After

It was three years ago (around this time), I laid my eyes on a man who I fancied.  A dear Irishman friend showed me his pictures, and he became my fairytale English prince. He was a big and tall man, with a unique character, shaved head, and seemed to be always smiling. So when Irishman told me this figment of my imagination will be visiting him for a few weeks in Vancouver, I was determined to get my Happily Eva After.

I ended up meeting him for the first time, his last night in Vancouver. I really didn’t know if I was going to see him again nor if he even noticed me.  All I knew was that wished for him to visit again.  And he did, 2 years later.  Only this time, I was living 15 hrs from Vancouver, and couldn’t get time to visit him.

When life throws you lemons you make lemonade, I made Mike’s Hard, and grabbed the bull by the horns.  I bought a plane ticket, and followed my heart to England where my fairytale began.  It was a long journey, but he was worth it, because when I finally made it through British customs, I saw him patiently waiting with the biggest smile on his face.  He just took me in his arms, like we were already an ‘item’, I felt so secure, safe and complete.  – That was a year and a few days ago.

Now I look back at the chain of events that led to where he and I are today.  It is amazing to think a few days ago we exchanged vows, and starting a new life together. Honestly, nothing has changed between us, we are still the disgusting love birds, who are happily in love, we just have a Nevada State marriage license as proof.

I love him more everyday, and everyday with him is special.  Life doesn’t get any better when you are happily ever after.

Dreaming big and winning,

Mrs. Diva

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