Something Old, New, Borrowed, Blue, with my hubby Too

Something OLD, Something NEW, Something BORROWED, Something BLUE …with a handsome hubby TOO


A smiling diva, filled with such joy and contentment

Rings:  Tiffany Engagement Platinum Ring from Tiffany & Co.; Custom made 13 Diamond Platinum Wedding Band from Pavilion Diamond.  We were wearing our rings before we even got married, so the day before the ceremony we got sold some amazing jewelery cleaner that we can use on our platinums.  One easy payment of $19.95 + tax.

Dress:  Trudy Lee 2012 Collection #62002 from JC Brides & Grooms.  I must give credit to Kate at JC Brides for this find.  I didn’t have an appointment, I just walked in with friends that were helping me find ‘The Dress’.  I picked a few from the rack, but none of them made my eyes dazzle.  I explained to Kate exactly what I was looking for.  She instantly had a dress in mind that had just came in. She put me in the dress before I even tried on my picks I thought it was perfect!  She was lacing me up, and I was ready to purchase this dream article.  I came out of the room and my friends were staring at me like I missed the Royal Wedding or something.  I never felt that way about clothes before, shoes yes, but definitely not a dress.  After finding out the price, I sadly had to take it off and try on the others. Every dress I looked at seemed to get uglier by the minute. After awhile it became pointless, not sure why I even bothered.  I went home and had dreams about this stunning dress that made me feel divine.  Two weeks later, the same day hubby picked up the rings, I went back to JC Brides & Grooms to give the dress another gander.  I was sold!  I purchased my Trudy Lee with the hopes of reselling it after.  Now, after our special day, I’m not sure if I can part from my Trudy Lee – it is too beautiful to sell.

Hair:  Ruby from Rita’s Hair Design.  I had my hair done by Rita herself a month before.  I went in for my appointment the day before we left for Las Vegas to find out Rita was away sick, and had Ruby from London hairdressing.  I was a little nervous about getting my hair done by someone I didn’t know, but as soon as she started, I could feel she knew her stuff.  She did micro braiding for me, which can take all day even with two people.  She was whipping through it like nothing.  I was in and out of there in a few hours.  I have had a number of hairstyles over the years, none like what I had done by Ruby.  I LOVED IT!  I came home to show my man and he was in love with it as well.  It was perfect!  On the day, I just put half of my hair up, and a couple barrettes on the side.  It took me all 45 seconds to do my wedding hair.  Thanks Rita and Ruby.

Shoes:  Hubby from the Hubby Store. Oh lawd, this was the hemorrhoids of the planning.  As soon as I had the dress I knew I wanted Royal Blue shoes.  I wanted the best of the best, so I purchased a Manolo blahnik “Something Blue” shoes.  I got them in, and they were the wrong size.  My feet looked like I was experiencing gout as it sticked out from all sides of the shoes.  Why do us women do this to ourselves?  If you are a size X do not get a size WT (as in wishful thinking).  I had to send these beautiful shoes back and accept the fact that they don’t sell them in my size.  At the same time, I purchased some hot Royal Blue boots from Marta Jonsson.  They were way nicer than the Manolo blahniks, in a soft suede.  Hubby loved them, as much as I; unfortunately, the footwear curse continued.  It was slightly too small.  Who am I kidding, I couldn’t get my flipper feet in them so they couldn’t zip up.  Another sad trip to the post office to return these boots.  Sure enough they don’t make them in my size.  I started to cry and mope around the house complaining about my big feet.  It was a special day and I had nothing to wear on my feet.  Hubby, saw how upset I was and began looking for shoes on-line for me.  The problem is that bridal shoes a generally white, peep toe, and or 3 inch heels.  I did not want the traditional look.  I needed my shoes to stand out, hence why I couldn’t find anything in my size.  He found this site that sold a royal blue court shoes with studs, ironically it was called Viva La Diva.  They arrived in the mail, but were slightly too big.  I had no intentions of returning these puppies.  I put them with hubby’s cravat and handkerchief and it was perfect.  Found my shoes.  To fix the problem, I wore Dr Scholls Fast Flats in them to prevent my feet from moving around. Problem solved!

Face Enhancement:  Amy from Arch Angelz.  Interestingly, I have a lady that does my face in British Columbia.  Her name is Amy and charges me next to nothing to get my entire face looking stunning.  So while in England, I had to find an equivalent.  I was told to go to Debenhams just across the street.  I met this girl also named Amy who has O.C.D.  I felt like I won the lottery.  She did a fantastic job, as my face was smoother than a baby’s backside.

Accessories:  Royal Glittery Blue Bracelets and Silver Pearl barrettes from Claire’s Accessories; Earrings chosen by hubby from Debenhams.  I wanted to wear something blue that was quite visual.  I didn’t want royal blue earrings, or headpieces.  I wanted to be able to look back on our wedding photos and not ask myself “What were you thinking!?”.  I didn’t want a crown or a tiara as they give me headaches.  I didn’t want a necklace because it would take away from the dress.  I needed something bold.  So when I found these sparkle royal blue bracelets from Claire’s it was a done deal.  Cheap, easy, and making the statement I wanted.


A dashing happy man with a tear in his eye when he said his vows. 


Platinum Band from Pavilion Diamond


Morning suit from JC Brides & Grooms.  After I purchased my dress we walked over to the next building where the guy outfit was. We decided on our wedding color, he tried on his suit, and paid the deposit.  Menswear is just too easy.


Oxford Style by Clarks

Grooming:  Hubby from House of Hubby

(…and this is why men are simple)

~~~About The Day~~~

We had an early night as I wanted to get the most amount of sleep for the big day.  I woke up early to watch my husband to-be sleeping peacefully.  It was a great feeling that this was the beginning of our lives together. When he got up, we listened to a special song that was made for us by his friends.  It was a special moment we shared.  We proceeded to go get our champagne breakfast at the MGM Grand Buffet.  Then, we hurried back to the hotel, and started getting ready.  Since we went to Las Vegas alone, we had to break tradition, so it was just him and me dressing each other.  As he strapped me in my Trudy Lee, I felt my internal organs realigning.  Again, us women, who the heck invented corsets?  Sure they look great, but you can’t sit down in them.  Gheez.  We walked down to the lobby and everyone was staring at us.  I must admit, we looked hawt, but felt even hotter (considering is was close to ~38C).  We arrived at the chapel with photographers awaiting.  We definitely felt like celebs, minus the whole substance abuse thing.  We met with our photographer, wedding coordinator, reverend.  Signed the certificate, and took our final steps as singles.  The ceremony was streamed live so that all our friends and family could take part in our special day.  We even had guests that came.  We had met them a couple of days prior and had gotten married at the same Chapel the day before us.  We went to their wedding, and they came to ours.  Small world considering they are also from England.  The ceremony was short and sweet, just the way we liked it.  We exchanged vows, took many photos, and headed back to our hotel.  Later, we went to a fine dinning restaurant to have our first meal as husband and wife. After a delicious meal, we went to watch some talented people at a dueling pianos bar.

Hotel:  MGM Grand Signature (31st PH floor).  Just a few years old, this hotel is all luxury.  It is connected to the MGM Grand with a series of travelators. We got the deluxe suite that came with a kitchenette, a ‘study’, king size bed, gold tint windows, and a master en-suit with a television for those long bubble bath moments.

Ceremony:  Victorian Chapel at Chapel of the Flowers.  This chapel seemed to be the most popular chapel on the grounds.  It had marble floors, golden brown drapery, and classic church benches.  We both looked at all the Chapels on-line, and knew right away that was the perfect one.  Besides, Victorian seems more English.

Photography:  Denet (Primary photographer)  & Pete (Lifestyles photographer) from Chapel of the Flowers.  We had a very unique story with the Chapel of the Flowers, so they gave us a gift.  When our limousine pulled up, there were two photographers taking photos of us like we were some sort of rock-stars.  Denet, our primary photographer and our witness was accompanied by Pete.  Pete’s services was our gift.  He shot our lifestyle shots purely in black and white.  We both were not fond of black and white photos at first, but when we saw the product, we had to purchase his pictures as well as Denet’s.  We took shots in the chapel, as well on the grounds within an hour.  We own our copyright to all ~400 photos taken, they are amazing!

Official:  Reverend Doug from the Chapel of the Flowers. This man was amazing!  He met with us before to get a feel for who we were.  He asked if he could say a pray for us.  We both agreed instantly, my family would be happy.  He was about 7 feet tall, extremely friendly, and threw out a couple of jokes.  I gave him a hug after the ceremony and almost cried.  Even though it is a business, I like the special feeling we got from him.  Thanks Reverend Doug!

Flowers:  Fresh-cut  white Gardenia, blue Hydrangea, white Mini Calla Lillies, wrapped in a white ribbon from Chapel of the Flowers.  Everything was perfect with the bouquet, just wished I had the clear gem pins to make it pop more.  I kept it in the fridge the remainder of our stay in Vegas, but it eventually died the day we left.  Planning of making a silk replica of it.  I doubt I could ever get that gardenia smell though.  Heavenly!

Transportation:  The day before, the day of, and day after we were provided with limo services to and from the Chapel of the Flowers.  Nothing spectacular if you have been in a limo before.  It was a downfall the day of as I ironed my dress 2hrs before the ceremony, and once I got in in the limo it was creased up again.  Hubby suggested a stretch Wrangler for next time. “Next time!?” I responded.

Reception:  Just the two of us at Roy’s Restaurant.  Voted #1 best restaurant in Las Vegas by Trip advisor. My hubby had a mouth-watering ahi tuna appetizer followed by a lobster tail/scallops/shrimp main, and ended with a banana sponge.  I had a delightful passion fruit/pear spring salad, followed by a pan seared salmon, and ended with a peach creme brulee. We got a surprise dessert, and our photos taken.



It was the most beautiful, special, and spectacular day of my life. There were a couple hiccups, but overall I got everything I wanted.  My loving and handsome man, a reverend, and lots of support. Everything else was just pretty details.

Married and loving it,

Mrs. Diva

Our wedding song:  Amazed By Lonestar

6 thoughts on “Something Old, New, Borrowed, Blue, with my hubby Too

  1. A diva of a day for a dEevuh of a lady and dashing gent! I love all you pictures and both of your bright faces. It was a beautiful day and thank you for sharing it with all of us. Much love and many blessings to you both..for eva eva…eva eva…eva eva (outkast style!) 🙂

  2. hi Ewa, I have just found your blog. Today, I am have tried Trudy Lee as well:-) and I love it, but the price is a bit too much. Would you consider selling yoru dress? What size was it? I am uk sz 18/20 and I have a feeling your dress would fit me. I am based in Southsea. Please get in touch: thanks,

      1. Thanks Eva. Can I just ask how long did it take for the dress to be delivered after you placed an order? thanks

      2. Actually, I was lucky enough to get the one dress, in my size at the store, so I didn’t have the order it. Still looking for one?

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