Ending ‘it’ at This Corner

As much as I like to maintain a positive attitude, I am only human, and there will be times when I need to go off.  Now, I am not talking about those trivial times a bird shits on my Kate Spade, I’m talking about the serious issues that matter to me most.

First of all, I don’t like people to mess with my family and friends.  I am protective over them because I love them, and need them to function.  So if you want to hurt me or see me go off, that would be the first target.  Secondly, I have worked very hard to get to where I am today.  In fact, it was the ability to blog that has helped me overcome despair as I had the opportunity to express my thoughts to my Team. So if someone decides to attack me by ‘trying’ to destroy everything I work hard for, I will go off.

You see, life is not a straight line.  There are turns, bumps and dents.  Right now, I think I just been T-boned by a big rig, and the insurance company is telling me its my fault.  I am in the driver’s seat and I made that decision to take the road less traveled.  It has cost me a fortune, and emotionally messed me up. However, I am taking the responsibility, I was behind the wheel, and I didn’t drive defensively.  Young Drivers of Canada call accidents collisions because a collision can be avoided.  What has happened to me is ‘unfortunate’ as it could not be avoided, nor could it be foreseen.

So what am I talking about you ask? Well, as you know, I never reveal exact sources especially if it is in a negative context.  Just understand that I have been screwed over by something I truly once believed in.  It has exhausted me emotionally, physically and financially.  I have made the ultimate sacrifices for something I have been passionate about for YEARS. It is so hard to accept that the worst has happened, and that it has ended at this corner…

The driver of the rig saw me coming and deliberately gunned it.  I fell to the floor, because the pain was so unbearable.  I cried for days, I fully blamed myself for taking that route.  Had I just taken the ‘free’way, I doubt this would have happened.  Today, I find out I’m at fault and the rig got off free.  I was hopeful that the insurance company was going to do the right thing (who am I kidding).  I feel for the driver, he is going to do the same thing to someone else, and is going to get busted.  He is going to lose his job, and start fresh somewhere else (like myself).  He is going to remember all the people he screwed over while he searches the classifieds looking for a new career.  He might feel remorse, but it will be too late as he will be a figment in my rear-view.  I don’t want anything from him, I just want him to know that he Can Not Break Me!

Sometimes I really wished there are cameras at every intersection, to prevent these misfortunes from occurring. Please drive defensively in the game of life.

Roadstar Eva

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