Giant Leap

According to the Irish, to balance the traditional roles of men and women, women ask men to marry them on Leap Year Day. What a great idea! So after five months of marriage, I asked my beloved hubby to marry me again.  His answer, “I Will!” My thoughts, you better say yes or you will have to pay a penalty according the tradition. Not sure how he feels about the presence of a leprechaun around.

What an interesting month this has been.  Changes with career, work, family, friends, but more importantly, I followed my heart – Literally.  I took a giant leap across the waters to be with my husband.  He couldn’t come to me, so I packed my most favorite purses and shoes and flew nine hours to be with him (Oh yeah, I love this man!).

Being in a long distance marriage is exceptionally challenging and not recommended. There were times were I didn’t know how to go on with my day when we were apart.  There was the random day I couldn’t talk to him due to our schedules and time differences.  There were the occasions, when I just needed to be in his arms so I can ‘Exhale‘.  I am grateful that we had the inter webs to connect us, but blessed to have a solid relationship based on communication and hope to reunite us again.

I arrived in his arms, two weeks ago today.  I have no regrets, as I couldn’t imagine myself anywhere else.  I love him so much, as it is nice to be finally Home.

If I can just take a moment to thank those who supported us.  The ears to listen, the shoulders to cry on, or the ‘pints’ to cheers, you guys are amazing – Thank You for being there and giving us the strength to make this happen! Ebony and Ivory are finally living in perfect harmony..

Now go follow your heart and take your leap, I guarantee you, you will be in for a treat.


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