Top 10 Reasons Why I Love My Mother

  1. Concerned.  Like on many occasions, my mother enjoys helping others.  She is the kind of person that would rather take a homeless person to McDonalds than give them change out of her pocket. A loving mom enjoys telling their kids what to do; my mother likes giving us specific details like “Are you eating well?  What are you eating? How often? Make sure to drink lots of water.  Go for a 15 minute walk.  Buckle your seat belt, Take a tub bath. Get enough sleep. Don’t drag your feet. At first, you ponder in your age, and then ask why she is telling me these things.  I’m not stupid, I know!  But, in reality, if mom doesn’t say these things, I would think something is wrong.  So just reply “Yes mom, I will, I love you!” Remember: She loves her family and is only concerned.
  2. Youthful. For some odd reason, I remembered my mother’s 29th birthday.  I am fortunate to have her genes because till this day, my mother doesn’t look a day older.  She took care of herself when she was young, and it definitely shows. She didn’t wear makeup as she didn’t need to, and still manages to look amazing.
  3. Speaks.  Mom holds nothing back as she is upfront about her feelings.  The funniest things I’ve heard have been from mom.  With an amazing sense of humor, she is so easy to get along with. At times I do get frustrated listening to mom tell stories of embarrassing childhood events, but I understand she is a proud parent and just wants to share her memorable moments to others. And yes, some of these stories are just hilarious.
  4. Smile. Mom has an amazing smile that definitely lights up a room. You don’t need a knife to cut tension, just get my mother in there; she will have everyone following her flow. Her smile is so contagious!
  5. Smart. Ask her to learn anything, and she will pick it up in a heartbeat.  She is very quick giving the chance, and not afraid to learn something new.  After I gave my mom a short 15 minute tutorial, she mastered using a ‘new aged’ computer to surf the internet. Now, I am blessed with random emails from my mom signed with happy emoticons.  It sure makes my day!
  6. Hugs.  Nothing beats a parental hug.  Even in my 30’s I could just lay in my mom’s arms.  Maybe it brings me back to a place of innocence, as mom would comb my hair whilst I fall asleep in her laps.  After getting up from a nap I didn’t want to take, it was like a new day.
  7. Cooking. Not too many of my peers would have a diverse lunch box prepared by mom.  My mother has influences in three different backgrounds, and as her family we have been blessed with delicious home cooked meals.  I don’t care what anyone says, nothing beats home cooking, so dinner at our house was the best!
  8. Wise. No matter how difficult the challenge is, my mother gives me the best advice. Even though I may know what she is going to say, it just makes more sense when I hear it from her.  “All I ask of you Eva is that you try your hardest, as life is not about giving up.  If you want something, you have to work for it as it doesn’t always come easy.  So just when you are ready to throw in the towel, ask yourself, did you really try?”
  9. Instincts.  Mommy can read me like a book, which is why we have such a great relationship.  I am not sure how she knows when something is going on, she just does.  I have called her to give her good news, and every time, she says “I was just thinking of you and talking about you, you got some good news for me eh?”  I would reply “Yes mom, yes I do, how did you know?” And she would say “Eva, I know my children.” I am so fortunate to have this bond with not just my mom but with my dad as well.
  10. Strong Hearted.  Everyone is always quick to say how hard life was for them when they were a child; actually I may be guilty of that myself.  In retrospect, our generations have not seen hard times like my parents did. My mother has worked so hard in her life since she was little, and I mean REALLY hard.  What’s different about her is that she never let it break her.  She did it because she knew she had to, and even when married with children, she did it to support her family.  My mom would work all day, come home, clean the house, pick her kids up from school, and made sure a full hot dinner was on the table for her husband and kids.  As I child, I didn’t realize all that hard work she would do in a day.  Now that I am an adult, I bow down to her.  She is unbelievable.

She is just my perfect Mum!  I miss seeing her, but I take pride when I am being my true self, as many elements of my mother are reflective in me.

I love you MOMMY

Wishing you and all the other very special mothers out there the very best

Mother’s Day!


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