Top 10 Reasons Why I Love My Father

  1. Smart. Daddy always tells me that the mind is very powerful; so, don’t waste it.  My father loves to learn about new things so he asks a lot of questions.  Unlike others, he is not feared when asking questions, because in the end he has learned something he did not know before.
  2. Positive.  Even in the worst situations, my father always maintains a positive attitude.  He believes if you think of bad things then they will happen.  It is just easier to keep a positive mind.  Best not to advertise negativity to him, you will not be liked.
  3. Instincts.  My father can read people like a book.  He is an excellent judge of character, and so far, has never been wrong.  The people who try to fool him don’t realize that he is already a step ahead.  I love that about him – it’s a valuable gift.
  4. Tactful.   His timing is always right.  He speaks his mind in a diplomatic manner.  He is not the one to create a scene unless he has to.  And when he does bust a fuse, you’d better run for shelter.  Word of advice: Don’t test his patience as only my mother has mastered that skill.
  5. Stylish.  He enjoys “nice threads” like cashmere, and takes pride in his attire.  It is great going out with daddy. With my mother, they always look amazing and youthful.
  6. Similar commonalities. My father and I are like two peas in a pod.  We are so much alike in many ways.  For example, if you were to ask him what is his favorite place he will easily say his bed. As you know already, besides being in my hubby arms, I love my bed.  He and I like simple things that make our lives better.  I think my father and I had to be the last few to be using a pager as a form of communication.  We were just happy with a simple page rather than an unnecessary phone call.  It can be scary sometimes because we think alike.  But I am grateful I have a parent that truly gets me.
  7. Funny. Like my mother, my father is hilarious.  Storytelling always ends up with a punch line in the end even when it is supposed to be serious. Every day on my birthday I get the birthday speech.  “I remember that day, it was Sunday morning…..” and always ends with “… like a butterball for thanksgiving!  HAHAHA” I let him have it, it makes him happy.
  8. Hugs.  As I mentioned before, nothing beats a parental hug.  I just feel so secure in their arms.  Daddy gives these big papa bear hugs – they are awesome!
  9. Wise. My father was never one to just give me something for nothing.  He believes that one has to work hard to earn an award.  As a child I didn’t think it was fair, but now that I am older, I can see how his wise ways has moulded me into the person I am today.  I enjoy working hard, as nothing good comes easily. Thanks Daddy – I get it now!
  10. Strong Hearted.  Like my mother, daddy worked exceptional hard.  He went to school all day, then found a tree, took a little rest, then off to his night shift work.  He did this to provide for his family while advancing his career.  It was hard, but he didn’t complain, as it was his choice to make the most of himself.  I am so proud of him.  He is like Superman!

He is just my perfect Dad!  I miss seeing him, but I take pride when I am being my true self, as many elements of my father are reflective in me.

I love you daddy, Happy Father’s Day!


Daddy’s little girl, Eva

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