I can not believe I have been married for a year, where has the time gone?  I guess, time does fly when you are in love.  Barry and I have had an amazing first year together.  We have gone against the odds with the long distance relationships/marriages thing, and conquered living under one roof without killing each other.  Learning each day about each other, and never forgetting our love that has brought us together.  I am so lucky to have this man!

The Anniversary Day

Barry and I spent a beautiful day at Arundel Castle relaxing on the spectacular grounds.  Yes, it is probably the 20th castle we have seen this year, but it was a perfect day with my Barry making this castle quite special.

The Anniversary Party

After a year of being married, Barry and I finally decided it was time to celebrate our wedding properly.  So we rented a hall and invited 150+ of our closest family and friends to cheers with us. From great food, to funny speeches, to a live rock band, followed by many drinks – we would like to thank everyone for making our belated reception / anniversary a great success!

Special thanks to:

  • Charlie at the Portsmouth Irish Centre
  • Jane – for sorting out the good eats and delicious treats
  • Mark – for DJing for us on short notice
  • Toxic Shock – for continually to impress us with their musical talents
  • Sally at Silent Mannequinn Photography – for capturing our night
  • Sweet – for their amazing cupcakes
“Love you!”

Finally, a big thank you to my remarkable husband.

It is the best time of my life being your wife.

Love, Eva

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