Dear 2012

WOW… is it that time already?  Where has this year gone?? Anyways, 2012 was probably one of my most adventurous years, wrapped up in love, pain, and many discoveries.

Sadly, I really didn’t blog as much as I wanted to this year, and there is no excuse for that, but I have come up with a plan for 2013. Let’s talk about that later.  Now, the year highlights.

Another hubbyless NYE, but the sacrifice was worth it when I packed up my little pink suitcase with all my essential shoes and headed over to his neck of the woods.  It was bittersweet leaving my beloved Maple Land, and exciting to start the next chapter in a new country.  It definitely took some time to get used to in fact I’m still working on it; regardless, no regrets.

A few weeks later, Barry and I celebrated our honeymoon then I became employed under new management working with a great bunch.  I always find it remarkable that I happen to land these opportunities with delightful peeps.  No matter how much I may not like a job, the people always make the difference.  I am always told that maybe it is me that brings the joy, but I truly believe in the theory of karma mixed with a small percentage of luck.

Barry and I celebrated our first year of marriage by visiting a beautiful castle, dinning in our area’s finest (besides our own kitchen), then later hosting a wedding reception. After a much too short trip back home to visit family and friends, the year winded down with us spending our first Christmas together breaking in to new traditions, such as opening gifts early and purchasing discounted Christmas decorations last minute.

Despite all the exercising and fun I had this year, I struggled to maintain ‘stress free’. So here is where the 2013 resolution is going to come in handy. Keep it Simple – Tackle the Big Fish. That’s it! That’s all I am going to put out to the universe.  I don’t need a “Resolution Making for Dummies” methodology for conquering; I just need to execute this ‘simple task’ to reduce unnecessary stress levels in my life.  Thus, anything I desire will follow.  Simples. Most people would not think this is a simple

task, but I am not MOST people, especially those who define a ‘need’ as a hurdle.  I NEED to reduce my stress to safe levels – my formula to a healthier life.

Stop and Enjoy the Beauty of Life

So to Team Eva and their families, I wish you all a bright 2013 filled with lots of love and adventure! In the words of my folks:  “Keep your head up, keep it simple, and mind yourself”.

To 2013,

Happy New Year
Happy New Year


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