Golden Rock Star – Bright Eyes

“Yes, I will blog more!” I said to myself as I read through messages from a dear friend. Hopefully she doesn’t mind I blog about her for a bit.

After I finished school, I landed a job in the north.  It was a tiny, quaint town (an The Grey filming location) for me to start my career.  Before I could move there, I was given the opportunity to fly down and check it out. You know, find a pad to live, find decent places to eat, and where to buy my shoes, the essentials.  This wonderful co-worker/mentor offered to meet with me during my short stay to assist me with these details.

Friends Rock!I knew right away we were going to work well together, as we shared a few things in common (good hair, great fashion sense, and bright eyes).  We talked and hanged out with other co workers; yet,  hit the ground running when it came to work.  We spent hours driving to and from meetings, and she was not a morning person (heck neither am I), but I made sure Michael Jackson – Thriller would change that.  You know it wasn’t until a couple years later she told me she was not a fan.  I mean all that time here I was thinking it was our anthem. Anyways, not long after my arrival, our job focus changed.  There were some movement within the organization, and a few months later we both had a change of direction in our career paths and left the organization.

As her husband was hard at work, it was nice to have a friend to talk to, and shoot the shit with.  Like other good friends, I was able to call on her when in need – you know the typical gossip emergencies.  Even though she was younger than me, and didn’t have kids, I knew one day she would be an amazing mother when she did. The last time I saw her was in 2010. We met up for coffee as she was just stopping by to visit family.  I remember her saying how much she would love to have kids, and be that stay at home mum telling her kids “now go wash your hands!” after they touched some foreign object or something.  She would be one of my few friends that would have kids. Was I ready to be an auntie? (Yeah, this blog is still about me you know).  More importantly, I was concerned if we will ever have something in common where we can just sit and chat about life as we used to.  As life gets in the way, we have only talked a couple times since.  Thank goodness for Facebook though.

Almost four years later, she now has a beautiful family blessed with a son and daughter.  So when I decided to message her about life and update her on my life (that is not blogged), it was comforting to know we picked up where we left off. There were no excuses as to why we don’t talk every other day, or why we don’t visit.  What I like the most about her is that she still is that same person I meet years ago. Family life has not changed her personality, it just changed her priorities.  Even though we don’t see each other, or hardly talk, I can still count on her to have my back, and that is a true friend – she is one of MANY on Team Eva’s Golden Rock Stars.

Thank you

More Golden Rock Stars to come so stay tuned…

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