Running from the hate

I have just returned from my pseudo social media hiatus.  I attempted to take a break from all the disturbing and tragic news that has occurred in the last week.  I realized that I could not be away from social media, as it is also my dependant medium to connect with friends and family oversees.  I was trying to find a way I can filter out the negative while still trying to ‘move on’ with my life.  Question is, How does one accomplish this?

Let’s just say, being in the technology age, it is almost impossible.  I got in the car, I had to turn the CD on and listen to water music.  I deactivated my Facebook, Twitter accounts as well as my RSS news feeds.  I scanned web pages that didn’t use news related ads (not too many out there).  I even went as far as wearing earplugs or watching old episodes of ‘In Living Colour’ to blank out possible news snip bits.

I literally found myself running from the hate.

Unfortunately, it caught up with me a few hours ago.  Every few minutes someone was talking about the “Breaking News” (like it was a ‘good’ thing that needed a play by play).  I got sucked in, and consumed by all the hate.  I could feel the lump in my stomach.  The anger. The hurt. The pain.  I tried to think of the positive that is going on, but it just too strong to ignore the hate.  It is almost like it is easier to be fixated with the hate than to give credit to the love.

I sit and wonder how some people can easily turn a negative into a positive and how skillful they must be.  And I don’t mean they just smile and attempt to make themselves seem content.  I appreciate those that truly can rise when hate knocks on the door. These people are inspirational!

I thank those people for teaching me something very significant about myself.  Now it is up to me to make this a learned behaviour.

Changing focus,


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