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New Ends, Old Beginnings

I was up in time to watch the sunrise between the holly trees this morning, and thought: this is truly a great start, and closure.  And here’s why…

After many years of not seeing my grandparents, we magically connected in June.  It was an amazing feeling to hear them and see them again.  Grandpa was not feeling that well, so I couldn’t tell him everything I wanted to say and give them the 411 of my life.  So I patiently waited till he got better.  The day I saw him, he could not speak, and was struggling to breathe.  He looked at me, shook my hand and placed his respirator back on after having some water. That was the last memory of my grandpa.  He sadly passed five days later. 

My grandpa was a very bright man; his membership at Mensa could contest to that.  Every skill could be learned and every goal can be accomplished (within reason).  The passing of my grandpa gave me the courage to believe in what I can do.  So I immediately applied for employment that I was too scared of before.  Two weeks later, I was assessed, interviewed and reference checked for my new position that starts tomorrow.  Thanks Grandpa!

Perhaps I cannot give grandpa ‘all’ the credit, yes I did have something to do with it, well there were other factors involved.  My loving husband made it across the pond to start a new life in Maple Land.  After a year of waiting, we got the final go ahead from Canadian Immigration that he will be joining me.  We had endured 101 days apart, which felt like an eternity, but made time for each other twice a day via Skype.  I was the happiest wife when I went to pick up my hubby at the airport that day.  After that, nothing could break me.

Just a month later, hubby and I were on the move again.  This time ‘settling’ in a beautiful new, but older city.  For some of our friends it may seem further, but it is truly the ideal new beginning for us. 

Since I completed my degree, I have relocated for work.  Some may call me silly, but I saw it as a great opportunity for something bigger.  Now I look back, I can confirm, if I didn’t make those decisions, I will not be where I am today – success.

Here’s to new ends, and old beginnings!