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Dear 2011

What a year!  I rang in the New Year with some entertaining friends. Food, dancing, games and meeting new people.  Defining a tight circle of friends, and managing my networks. In regards to my relationship, I had a long chat with my sweetie, and determined that I wanted to be part of his life forever.

I spent some time with my sweetie, and even got a chance to go on a trip with him to Malta (by the way, Malta is amazing). It was exceptionally hard to leave him, but I had to figure out my life and what I wanted out of it.  In other words, I needed to get a job.

I was offered different job opportunities, and had my choice to select the direction I wanted my career to go.  I had gone on a few job interviews, and really nailed them.  It was a great feeling to know that I had the personality to impress interviewers and win them over.  Finally, I made a decision to choose a job that I was most passionate about and that will work well with my relationship with my sweetie.

Within a couple weeks of getting the job, the most joyous thing happened – I got Engaged!  Everything else may have seemed uncertain, but I was definitely certain about this. I was so sure that I was tempted to make it official a month after we got engaged. Life was good to me.

2011 however, did bring loss.  While traveling to my temporary job across Canada, my beloved car died.  I wasn’t too bothered at the time, as I was with my sweetie when it happened.  After a few days, I missed my bucket of bolts.  It was so good to me, but its time was up.  I missed Tony this summer, as transportation costs were not cheap.

I sublet a decent apartment in Ontario near Lake Superior for a few months.  I had the privilege of working with some great people who coached and guided me through my training.  I even went fishing on my lunch breaks.  I never thought I would end up there, but you never know where your wheels may take you I guess.

I spent a few months with my sweetie, which was the longest time we were together.  We decided that we had to make married life official, and flew to Las Vegas to exchange vows.  That was definitely the best time of my life, and the Highlight of 2011. After a couple weeks of being married, I had to once again part from my love to complete my career goal.  Leaving him was the hardest thing I had to do, followed by an important exam I had to complete while ill.

I returned ‘home’ empty and exhausted.  I was away from my new husband, I was living out of my suitcase as I didn’t know where I would end up next.  I wanted stability, I wanted my husband, I wanted my friends, I wanted my life back. One despairing day, I was informed that my future career had come to an end.  I was devastated and could not believe it was possible to loose something I slaved over for years. I had spent another month and half solo – just me and my thoughts.  Definitely the worst moment of 2011.

I was surprised to find out my sweetie was going to be visiting me for the last time this year.  I needed him the most during this challenging time, and he was once again there for me.  He sacrificed his time to be by my side.  I am so grateful to have him in my life. He truly is my guardian angel.

A month before Crimbo, I was blessed with an opportunity to work for a top employer.  I said my goodbyes to my sweetie, and started work the next day.  Bittersweet one might say.  A few days later, I spent some time with my folks.  I talked to them about my future plans, and they provided me with reasonable suggestions.  I love my family. They may drive me nuts at time; but ultimately, they are my backbone of greatness!

As Crimbo has come and gone, I look forward to the closing out 2011.  It was a great year regardless of the sad things that happened.  I can honestly say the significant moments overshadowed my sorrows. This year I dedicate to my loving husband.  Even though we are so very far apart, our relationship is solid filled with Love.

Thank you 2011.  I prayed for those that have lost, and I praised those that have gained.  I cried for those that hurt, and rejoiced for those that lived.  I hanged on to those that respect me, and disconnected from those that didn’t. I created opportunities for myself, and overcome disappointments. I became empty with hate, and full of love.  I learned life is precious, and precious is life. I can only imagine life getting better.  Here’s hoping 2012 will bring happiness to Team Eva and their families.


Grateful Eva, 2011

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