Team Eva

About Team Eva
Team Eva is a group of individuals that are part of Eva’s circle of friends. They are her supporters, fans, and loved ones. They respect Eva’s Personal Statement  and abide by the Team Eva Official Policy.


Team Eva Official Policy

All Team Eva Members are to abide by the following Team Eva Official Policy

Membership Requirements and Eligibility
Every Team Eva member is required to hold a valid Team Eva membership. To retain a valid Team Eva membership, each member must:

  1. respect themselves
  2. respect others
  3. be free from consistent negative thinking and or behaviors
  4. be authentic

Please be advised that Team Eva believes in equal opportunity for all.

Membership Benefits
Members of Team Eva are rewarded by being a part of group that maintains positivity, support, respect, honesty, and authenticity. All members are proud to be part of this diverse team and encourages others to join.

Revoked Memberships
1. Memberships are revoked immediately upon contravening the Team Eva Official Policy
2. Memberships can be reinstated based on circumstances only. For reinstated memberships, applicants must provide a written explanation with detailed proof as to why they believe that Team Eva has made an error in revoking their membership. Upon submission of written explanation, applicants must then meet with the Team Eva Board of Directors for an oral review.

Contact Information
If you have any questions about the Team Eva Official Policy or would like to apply for membership, please feel free to contact Eva (Head Chair) via email at

Thanks for considering Team Eva.
Remember: Together Everyone Accomplishes More

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