Besides my obvious aspirations of love, health and success,  I complied a list of some goals I plan to achieve whilst in my 30s:

  1. Travel to see the existing wonders
  2. Volunteer in a foreign country
  3. Get my portrait painted by a street artist Twice in 2011
  4. Deep sea dive
  5. Celebrate NYE in NYC
  6. Catch a fish
  7. Verify my Wiki Page
  8. Showcase my 101 pairs of shoes
  9. Skydive
  10. Achieve my weight loss goal
  11. Meet with Chef Gordon Ramsey
  12. Ride my motorcycle
  13. Bake a souffle
  14. Shave my head for a good cause
  15. Win $1,000 from a random slot machine
  16. Nuptials  – Completed 22 September, 2011
  17. Ski in Whistler
  18. Go zorbing
  19. Brag about my Archery Club
  20. Learn to tap dance
  21. Complete Bikram’s 100 Day Challenge
  22. Set up my 60″ Bravia
  23. Showcase my 50 mugs from around the world
  24. Upgrade Tony
  25. Knit my first bag that holds my incomplete knitted items
  26. Watch Penn & Teller live
  27. Fire walk
  28. Compete in a triathlon
  29. Master the organ
  30. Fly first class/business class for +8hrs
  31. Dance on stage to “Proud Mary”
  32. Wear green contacts
  33. Read the entire Agata Christie collection
  34. Learn basic conversational Spanish
  35. Go dog sledding in the arctic
  36. Take part in a Double dutch team
  37. Ride all the rides at 6 Flags
  38. Attend a Steel Band concert
  39. Ride in a hot air balloon
  40. Do a 30 day wine tour in Europe
  41. Retire my folks
  42. Publish my autobiography