Sometimes it’s the little things that make one happy.  So here is a list of things that I did and I’m so very proud of:

  1. getting my degree
  2. living alone
  3. meeting someone special in a random way
  4. traveling alone
  5. touching the pyramids in Egypt
  6. going to the Vatican
  7. doing day tours in Napa/Sonoma valley and Okanagan
  8. driving the Pacific Coast highway
  9. ATV-ing in the sand dunes of Seaside, Oregon
  10. gambling in Vegas
  11. going to SEMA
  12. modeling in a Jheri Curl
  13. going to the Space Needle on a very windy day
  14. residing on a tropical island
  15. surviving a convent
  16. standing on the ‘glass’ floor of the CN tower
  17. spending close to 40hrs at Schipol over the course of two years
  18. traveling across Europe on a bus full of kids
  19. witnessing a near death experience at the back of a taxi cab in Cairo
  20. teaching many school kids the importance of hand washing during the H1N1 pandemic
  21. making out under the “Lover’s Bridge” in London
  22. putting 1000km on Tony in 28hrs
  23. micro-braiding my own hair (that took two full days)
  24. going to see “The Mousetrap” in London
  25. riding the London subway system
  26. wearing an accessory from Tiffany & Co.
  27. purchasing my first Lululemon sweater (before they were cool)
  28. learning to knit
  29. growing an umbrella tree (now 6 years old and 6.5 feet tall)
  30. making my own wine
  31. splashing around the Italian Riviera
  32. making jogging part of my daily routine
  33. singing in the rain
  34. wearing a controversial costume for Halloween
  35. making truffles
  36. getting a tattoo
  37. dancing to “Baby Got Back” on stage
  38. going to Disneyland (twice)
  39. having afternoon tea at the Empress Hotel in Victoria, BC
  40. joining a choir
  41. having multiple business cards from different jobs
  42. learning to swim (not well I may add)
  43. sleeping in an overnight train
  44. playing one ref on the guitar
  45. becoming a home owner before 24
  46. maintaining a cushy job
  47. sewing my own bra (another 2 day project)
  48. becoming an extra on a movie
  49. owning two brand new vehicles (not at the same time)
  50. laying on a nude beach
  51. completing religious rites of passage
  52. making my own candy from scratch
  53. witnessing the “Shoe House” in Smithers, BC
  54. leaning on the Leaning Tower of Pisa
  55. completing the Grouse Grind (a couple too many times)
  56. witnessing a moose before it charged my car
  57. learning numbers 1 through 10 in as many languages (currently in Patois, French, Spanish, Polish, Farsi, Bulgarian, German, Danish, Cantonese and ASL)
  58. buying an expensive piece of artwork
  59. volunteering as a driver at “Meals on Wheels” on one of the most snowiest days
  60. pulling off going in public with purple mascara
  61. buzz-cutting my hair
  62. inner-tubing
  63. riding a camel
  64. watching a bull fight in Madrid, Spain
  65. ‘flying’ on the London Eye
  66. seeing Michelangelo’s “David” at the Galleria dell’Accademia
  67. surviving living in a dorm
  68. going blond (never again)
  69. visiting Alatraz on my birthday
  70. going to Niagara Falls (both Canadian and American side)
  71. staying in a deluxe corner suite hotel over looking the coast of Alexandria, Egypt
  72. attending an opera
  73. surviving the Abbotsford Airshow on the hottest days of the year
  74. confronting a closet racist
  75. having a wine & cheese party with buffalo meat
  76. biking to work
  77. freezing my financial cards (literally)
  78. singing “Oh Canada” in front an entire school assembly
  79. going vegetarian for 9 months
  80. pursuing my career passion
  81. drinking a class of 50 year old of wine
  82. maintaining long lasting relationships with good people
  83. waiting in a 2 hour line to meet a celeb and have them sign my book
  84. riding in a hovercraft
  85. go fishing randomly

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