Top 10 Reasons Why I Love My Mother

She will never stop being my number one! Love to all the moms out there!

~Chronicles of an Authentic Eva

  1. Concerned.  Like on many occasions, my mother enjoys helping others.  She is the kind of person that would rather take a homeless person to McDonalds than give them change out of her pocket. A loving mom enjoys telling their kids what to do; my mother likes giving us specific details like “Are you eating well?  What are you eating? How often? Make sure to drink lots of water.  Go for a 15 minute walk.  Buckle your seat belt, Take a tub bath. Get enough sleep. Don’t drag your feet. At first, you ponder in your age, and then ask why she is telling me these things.  I’m not stupid, I know!  But, in reality, if mom doesn’t say these things, I would think something is wrong.  So just reply “Yes mom, I will, I love you!” Remember: She loves her family and is only concerned.
  2. Youthful. For some odd…

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